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Siham El Kandoussi is an abstract painter born in Morocco in 1980, and residing in Kuwait since 2008. Having experimented with many methods and mediums, she has used acrylic, oil, and mixed media on canvas and paper since 2019 to create works drawn from reality to abstracted diversity.
She holds a university degree in "agri-business" from the University Caddi Ayyad in Marrakesh, aviation courses and qualifications in Kuwait, and certificates in "Postwar abstract painting: In the Studio," "Modern arts and ideas," and "Seeing through photographs" from the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and a certificate in healing with arts from the University of Florida.
This diversity has a strong influence on her artwork, and she creates paintings that can make you feel free and fly to our planet in a lovely way.


“Art is a wonderful source of delight for all humans, and I am thinking of that pleasure, hope, and all the lovely colors that I can draw on people's faces via it.
As a globe wanderer, I am moved and inspired by the beauty of life, the people and creatures who cross my path, the stars and galaxies in the sky, the movements, colors, scents, sounds, and everything else that stimulates all of my senses. I translate this beauty through my works by using a wide variety of colors and techniques, mainly oil, acrylic, and mixed media on canvas and paper.
The nicest part about my style is that it is distinctively mine. It features vibrant colors in abstract pieces of art aimed to inspire people who wish to visualize their dreams becoming a reality and create their own narrative in it.”

- Siham El Kandoussi 

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