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Delve into a curated selection of some remarkable exhibitions and peruse the press coverage that has captured the essence of the work

Your artistic journey awaits below...

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Artist Talk 25

Milne Publishing is proud to present Artist Talk Magazine issue 25. This issue is dedicated to celebrating all aspects of art.

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Wild Roof Journal

Issue 18 : Gallery 2

quesiotns with Siham

10 Quesitons with Siham

Al-Tiba9 Contemporay Art

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Like An Artist

Like an Artist - Limited Edition. 

Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art

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PEPPER Magazine

PEPPER Magazine / October 2022
Published on Oct 26, 2022

Constant Companion: Abstract Artist

Siham El Kandoussi

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Feature of painting US at The Purposeful Mayonnaise 


The Bagel Hole

Feature article at The Purposeful Mayonnaise - June 22 

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Feature article at The The rise to prominence of women artists has been a compelling shift within the art world, especially the art market. Women artists are thriving

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